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Welcome to our Devunoori Hospitals

"Always Caring & Always Here"

Devunoori Hospitals is all set to become a multi-super-specialty tertiary care hospital, which will cater to all types of general and Super-specialty medical care.


Devunoori Hospital is importantly committed in providing good health care and serve common people of all community. We are your neighborhood and care about your health by playing an active role in serving all the communities at their price they could afford for their health.

The timely medical information means the best medical decisions taken by our specialists for your health as we follow the motto” HEALTH IS WEALTH”. We maintain certain terms and conditions on your health by binding all of your medical records around when visiting our hospital and gather all your past and present health history such as incident or accident and develop a database on your health conditions and keep track of years of test results and medical information to prepare a medical record .



DHIM health plus takes care of your health and our specialists provide the right information to take right medical decisions for your diagnosis and treatment. We and our health specialists make sure that the right people have real-time access to your medical records.

Our motivation is to provide:

  • 1. Health care to outreach the community with medical insurance.
  • 2. Support classes and groups of all ages.
  • 3. Charity care providing free medical consultation and providing financial assistance.

In addition to providing the highest quality of healthcare to our patients, our hospital enhances our community economically and continues to treat patients who have nowhere else to turn for care and strives to provide a safety wall. We work hand-in-hand with a number of nonprofit organizations to offer expanded health-related services to our local communities.

Patients have the right to express concerns or complaints about their care with the assurance that the quality of their care or future access to care will not be compromised.

We encourage patients to address their concerns and grievances immediately to the staff and service representative to respond quickly on your concerns.


What We Do Best

"Best of Care, Close to Home"

At first glance it might seem obvious that hospital would be the best place in an emergency situation when someone falls ill people need to look for the best hospital and seek doctors consultation and care and at Devunoori Hospitals we take care of utmost care and monitor the patient to provide quality service and maintaining their situation and health . We do our best by providing our experts diagnosis and treatment as quick as possible to get well and make them feel as their home. We provide emergency ambulance services and toll free numbers and give treatment at your affordable cost and are fair to provide care for your health as we strive for your happiness. We have best doctors to serve and good facilities from providing beds in the patients ward from general ward to class I wards where you can afford for.

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Easy Booking

Easy Confirmation of your booking for In-patients,Out-patients including new visitors to schedule appointments.

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Mother & Child Care

"Woman" the key of any successful change. Unless Until her health throughout her lifecycle are given major resources, the beneficial effect of services on family health will be negligible in the long run.

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Emergency Care

Immediate medical services. Call our Emergency Care anytime from anywhere when there is a a need.

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Trauma Care

Patients suffering from major traumatic injuries fall into emergency cases without the presence of specialized Consultants.

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General Treatment

The sick and injured are taken for General treatment with doctors and nurses readily available attending on their patients. We have employed them to nurse to acquire the sick back to health.


Hospital Rooms


Free Heatlh Camps


Ambulance Car


Saved Hearts


Free Blood Donation camps


Total campaigns

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  • Health Care Center

Quality Care

Best Consultants

Our Hospital has best consultants who are experienced and specialized in providing best surgical treatment at all times. Our surgeons do various test.


Specialist List

Research on patients and discuss with other best doctor to proceed for further opinion on surgical treatment. Devunoori Hospitals takes care of your health and our specialists provide the right information to take right medical decisions for your diagnosis and treatment.
  • 1. Dr. Komariah Devunoori
    M.B.B.S., (PGD), M.C.H.,
    NSV Surgeon, Maternal (Mother) & Children Specialist
    M.B.B.S., (DGO), M.CH.
    Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
  • 3.Dr. Aruna Ramaiah
    Retired Principal, OMC
  • 4.Dr. S. Nagamani
    M.D., DGO
    Gynaecologist (SUPERINTENDENT)
  • 5. Dr. A. Raghu Ramulu
    M.D.Senior Consultant Physician
  • 6. Dr. P. Venugopal
    M.S.Sr. General Surgeon
  • 7. Dr. M.R. Rao
    M.S.General Surgeon
  • 8. Dr. Janardhan Rao
    D.M.R.D Radiologist
  • 9. Dr. P.Rajesh
    M.S.(Ortho)Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • 10. Dr. K.Natraj
    M.S. Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • 11. Dr. Girish Kumar
    M.D. (Neuro-Psy)Neuro Psychiatrist)
  • 12. Ravi Kumar
    M.B.B.S., D.D.V.L.Dermatologist,
    Veneriologist(Sunday-10 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.)
  • 13. Dr. Uttam Kumar
    M.B.B.S, D.A. Anesthetist
  • 14. Dr. Rajagopal


Latest Technologies

We follow high standards of latest technology to treat patients


Technologies Used

Following the technology such as EMR, Emergency Ambulatory Services, Hybrid Operating systems , Digital dental X-rays , Ultrasound imaging Services, patient monitoring system with alarms in the ICU, Infection detecting technologies, Blood testing devices, Health staffing management technology and following Safety measures adhering complete ISO standards .


Quality Care